Bet you think you know me… Maybe you do.

Hey Y’all! (In a slightly Southern accent),

I am happy that you stopped by my blog! I would like to share a little about myself with you. Hopefully this intro will open a window into who I am. My name is Ranata Octavia Davis and I am originally from York, South Carolina. I have lived in NC (6 years), MD (1 year) and AZ (12 years). I currently reside in Qatar. I am the daughter of Andrew Phillip and Sharon S. Davis (mother deceased- blog for another day).

I have multiple degrees and a little street smarts; just enough to get me by in life. Professionally, I have spent time in recreation, coaching and education as both an administrator and physical education teacher. I am passionate about school culture, climate and teacher development in the area of classroom management.

I love to travel! I have covered about 90% of the United States. This summer I spent time in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena. Other travels include Thailand, Aruba, Mexico and now Qatar.

Additional hobbies include reading, working out, cooking, decorating, spending time with my family and friends, volunteering and Netflix binge sessions. I am currently watching Hawaii 5-0.  I am all things ROLL TIDE!!! If there are chips and dip at a gathering I am happy. Last but not least, I am single as hell with no children (it seems to come in handy more often than not).  

I asked a friend to summarize me in one sentence-  “The free spirit I dream about having!” – CJ

I am active on Instagram. I encourage you to follow me @jetsetmelanin2018. That will be one way to know when I post a new blog. 

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