Making Friends.

Here is a secret and you probably will not believe it if you know me. I am shy and slightly introverted. In new settings it can be exacerbated for me. I get really uncomfortable and might exhibit loner qualities.

But somehow I managed to make a friend. Like I legit need to know this chick the rest of my life. For the purposes of this, we will call her Adnaloy. She hails from Southern California with stints in Kuwait and Asia. I first noticed her in some of the international Facebook educator groups. I thought to myself she looks cool. I think I could be her friend. Then all of sudden she showed up in the QAD Newbies group. I was like yes!! Let the Facebook creeping commence. Don’t act like you don’t creep and fall down the black hole of so and so’s 18th cousin’s profile on social media.

From the first day we clicked. We have some differences like she is not lifting a weight or stepping foot on a workout machine. I had the nerve to ask her if she wanted to play volleyball after work and she gave me the side eye! According to her cleaning the house burns calories. But, her sense of style compliments mine and I’m just trying to figure out when I can get a makeup session from her.

We have been to the grocery store and shopping malls together. She even put me onto these mini pancakes with Nutella like dip. Catching lunch in the school cafeteria, walking to meetings and Ubering to work this second week have become our norm. Last night we went to the mall and had dinner. I helped her pick out work clothes and the most important part was finding watermelon mojitos at the Monoprix (cross between Whole Foods and Frys).

Adnaloy is entering her 8th year as an international counselor and we have some great conversations based on our previous experiences. I truly believe friendships should have a mix of fun and mental stimulation.

According to my friend Asina, I am “Genuine, loyal, adventurous, and a little boy crazy — but in a good way!” Speaking of boy crazy… Adanaloy and I have already figured out that there will never be an issue of dipping in each other’s man pond.

Hopefully I can continue to show Adanaloy all of those characteristics to grow our friendship.

I found an article on Refinery29 that discusses the difficulties of making friends in adulthood. I encourage you to read it if you are a female or you have ever had to make a move away from friends. Just click the link above.

Special shout out to my tribe in Arizona!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the blog or experiences making friends as an adult in the comment section.

13 thoughts on “Making Friends.

  1. I love reading your blog. I must admit it brings tears to my eyes each time as I truly miss you and your friendship. It is hard to make friends as adults but when you do you have to hold onto them and cherish them. Love you Ranata!


  2. For me it’s always been easy to make friends,but I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older it’s not the quantity but the quality!! I have the best group of friends that I’ve grown up with as a young girl and along the way I’ve meet new people and madenew friendships that mean the world to me. In fact my friends are my FRAMILY! And I make sure to nuture those relationships and to have meaningful and enjoyable experiences together. By the way I love to read your blogs!! Keep them coming!


  3. Aww, I’m so happy you found someone there you connect with! I have no doubt you’ll continue to attract genuine and loyal people during your time there, and throughout life generally. And thanks for the shout out! Miss you! 😘


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