Date Night…

Ha! You thought I found a man out here in the desert. Not quite yet. It’s just as dry as Arizona.

I’ve been reading a few articles that talk about not needing to leave the home or compound when living in the Middle East. Well after two days in the house I decided to take myself on a date night. Might as well since it’s Eid Al Adha. I choose Urban Jazz Kitchen located in The Pearl, North of Doha.

Date night for me equates to ordering an appetizer, main course and dessert. This is a big deal because I typically just grab the main course if I’m having dinner out.

Here were my choices:

Onion rings with cajun sauce

Davis Double Burger with Chipotle Sauce (I couldn’t leave it there, right?)

Somewhere over the Rainbow Cake (someone should have warned me that it was a whole mini cake!)

UJK Iced Tea (unlimited refills)

Overall, the meal was great. I enjoyed the assortment of dips for the cajun fries. The menu has a New Orleans flair with po boys, gumbo, and jambalaya as dining options. They play the jazz greats. The walls have paintings of men playing trumpets and framed art. When you look out the window, you see the luxurious apartments and yachts. The Southern hospitality of the staff won me over. I also believe that they thought I was a food blogger or critic of some type. They constantly came over to my table, managers and all. Then they dropped off a Trip Advisor card asking me place a review on the website and Instagram. I think Aleem asked me 14 times if I posted it yet. I guess it’s because I was writing this in between bites.

As a side note, I’ve lost about 6 lbs since arriving. My taste buds are struggling to adjust. There are not many things that taste the same. Not even the same brand hummus I would pick up in the USA. Maybe it’s the authenticity of the food.

Date night was a hit and I see myself visiting here for a nice brunch.

How do you like to spend your date night?

Last but not least, now that you know what Riyals are, my dinner total was 173QR. Do you how much that was in US dollars?

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