School Lunch

You never know what you’re going to get in the school cafeteria. However, I’ve been slightly surprised at the quantity and quality of food that I can get for 20-23QR. I’m mean you could have 2-3 options on your plate of what I consider the main dish of a meal. My campus is situated in Education City and employs lots of people, so more than the school staff and students dine in the cafeteria. Oh and the best part of it all…… You can’t find a soda to save your life. If you really need a caffeine fix, there is a Coffee Bean on campus. They call me Ms. Ranata (is a bad thing that they know my name?).

Here is a sneak peek at my lunch from last week.

Sunday – Boiled eggs, pasta Alfredo, vegetable stir fry, beef Burgundy, Boulangere potato, steamed rice, shirazi salad.

Monday- Beef Stroganoff and white rice, fish with dill velouté.


Wednesday – I brought steak fajitas leftovers from dinner.

Thursday –

My favorite school lunch growing up was the square pizza served Friday’s. What was your favorite lunch growing up? Do you eat in the school or work cafeteria? I’m eager to hear about your lunch experience.

4 thoughts on “School Lunch

  1. Wow!! All of that looks deeelish! I’ve read all your blogs! And love them. Very entertaining. In fact- my favorite quote of yours thus far is “It’s just as dry as Arizona!”😂🤣😁 And the one about FB creeping lol!!! Enjoy. Look forward to reading about your adventures! P.S. my fav school lunch was nacho bar. Also, the tomato bisque soup from Legacy was my jam!✌


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