Church and Brunch

“Let them praise Your great and awesome name— He is holy.”

Psalms 99:3 NKJV

I could hear the music from praise and worship coming through the walls of the church as I approached from the street.

I kept saying to myself that I have to find a church. Before coming here I had searched online and found Doha Fellowship. According to the website they are a Christian church and have been active for 20 years. So, I got my life together this morning and caught an Uber to the church. I’m not really sure why but entering a new church is always scary for me. The usher greeted me with a smile and escorted me to a seat. All the tension disapated. Everyone was on their feet singing praises to God and I knew I was at the right place.

The praise and worship team was on point setting the tone and preparing hearts for the word. The worship leader invited members up to the front to share stories of faith and overcoming situations through the power of God. Announcements were shared with the congregation. The church has their 20th birthday celebration approaching October 5th. They will celebrate at the Westin Hotel where all services will be combined. I can’t wait to go! After announcements they asked all first time attendees to stand. I popped up with ease and they welcomed me. The lady sitting next to me introduced herself. Her name is Jamilah and she has been attending for five years and loves it. I see why! Next we had tithes and offering.

Pastor Kevin came forward with a prayer before going into his sermon. His sermon focused on 1 Peter 1:13:

“Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;”

The first thing he discussed was anytime you see therefore in the Bible you should read the previous verse for context. He also shared an illustration about how you gird up your loins. He drew the comparison to preparing your mind for action. His emphasis was on being sober minded. If you’re going to be drunk, let it be with the Spirit. Also I thought this was powerful : Thoughts become an idea, ideas become your attitude, attitude impacts character. So prepare your mind for action in all situations.

He also dropped a little nugget for me. I’ve been struggling with four girls at school. He said look at the thinking that drives the behavior and not the behavior. The behavior frustrates me, but there is a thinking that drives their actions. Therefore, I have to prepare my mind for action with them and understand the thinking behind their behavior. I would rate my worship experience a ten and I will be back next Friday!

Brunch at Lemon Cafe followed church.

Friday is also the day to hit up some good brunches. I saw one of my fellow colleagues I met in the airport was at a cool looking place called Lemon Cafe. I caught an Uber to Tawar Mall and located the restaurant. It’s kind of hidden but was worth the scavenger hunt.

I ordered gravy fries and an iced caramel latte to get started and blueberry mint shisha. Jesus, these fries were smoothered in gravy and cheese with a side of ketchup. The shisha was robust and long lasting. For my main course I had Fettuccine Broccoli and Chicken. It was all a winner. Maybe this will become my Friday ritual.

Off to check out Tawar Mall!

2 thoughts on “Church and Brunch

  1. Just catching up with your blog….. I’m so happy for you!! Sounds like this adventure was just what God had planned for you! 💜


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