Something New and Unexpected – Part 3

9/16- So…. It’s official. I’m a certified cornball. Where do I get my membership card? After this weekend I thought to myself we might be going “steady”. That’s such an old school word. We really have a great time in each other’s presence. So I made a date night jar. Just to keep it fresh and exciting. Also to gives us something to look forward to for the weekend. He calls me the “planning manager”. I explained to him the rules of the jar. He was excited! Man. Excited. Date night jar. #rareman

9/17- He wanted to pull something from the date night jar so we had dinner. Here is the menu: Garden Salad with ranch dressing and croutons, Garlic cheesy bread (had to make myself), Spaghetti, Brownies and ice cream. We were pretty full, so we never made it to dessert. We enjoyed the meal and he would like to thank the people who taught me to cook. That’s going to be Eva, Sarah, Sharon and Aunt Sandra.

So back to the jar. We pulled karaoke night. As soon as he hears me singing he might run away.

So there is nothing super exciting to tell you. It’s seems as though the two of us have settled in and we’re pretty normal.

More than anything, I’m appreciative of his friendship. There are some things that I would normally try to figure out on my own in a new place, but he already knows the best way to go about the situation. The flip side of that is I think I’m so exhausted from having to think things through, research and all that stuff that it’s really refreshing to follow his lead. Did I just say that?? Out loud? C’mon if you know me, you know I’m independent and headstrong. While, I’ll never lose that part of me, I’m definitely open.

I’ve tried to do things my way for a really long time when it comes to men. So maybe this is the man that allows me to see both perspectives and decide which is best without repercussions.

We really like Fall for You by Leela James (click name to listen)-

This verse really hits home for me-

I’m so used to standing

So used to being on my own

But this thing is new, baby

It feels like I’m losing control

I’ll take another step

-The End

8 thoughts on “Something New and Unexpected – Part 3

  1. Girl I am loving this! You are so great at this and Iā€™m so happy you are just sitting back and seeing where this takes you. We never know what the lesson God is teaching us through each person. Miss you soooooo much!!!

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