Show me the Riyals- Student Population

During my interview I was asked to share information about my previous and current student populations. I shared at-risk , ELL, SPED and low SES or just plain middle class. They described the students lacking motivation. I thought to myself great! I had those same kids. I think I do a decent job of motivating kids to meet goals while reminding them what intrinsic motivation feels like and extrinsic carrots. I mean I’ve chased kids up and down 16th Street and Van Buren. Asked kids if they were high or intoxicated on campus. Even better.. I bet you haven’t had to help FBI and police extract a student who committed murdered the night before and still showed up to school.

The onboarding process included the organization spending time introducing the newbies to the characteristics of the students. A former student that spent all of her K-12 education at QAD came in to speak with us. She was well spoken and charismatic. Additionally, she is married to the guy who is planning World Cup 2022. Holy shit (sorry dad).

So here is some information about the students:

Some students are royalty and the Amir’s students attend the school

They all have electronics (multiple)

Their own credit cards

Will inherit businesses

Life is about family and religion and then maybe school

If you want to connect with the male students, ask about their birds

Males enjoy camping

The female students are all about fashion

The male students are the “men” of the house due to fathers obligations

Many parents are diplomats, CEO’s, lawyers and doctors

They have nannies and drivers (multiple)

Males are not responsible for much

There is no expectation to leave home upon turning 18

Very traditional in the sense of arranged marriages

However, as an educator I am going to keep in mind that they are kids. Regardless of the number of riyals in their bank account, students look for unconditional positive regard from educators. That’s what I plan to give them.

If you happen to work in a school, what is one thing you love about your students?

And in case you’re wondering what riyals are, click here!

One thought on “Show me the Riyals- Student Population

  1. There will be challenges likes this.
    You will find the way out of the maze as you have many time before.
    “ when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”😇📕✏️

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