Dust, Skycranes and Construction.

Did you know that Qatar has the most cranes in the world? Qatar is a peninsula in the east of Arabia, bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. It occupies 4,416 sq mi. The United States is 849 times larger than Qatar. For a little more perspective, you could place Qatar in the outskirts of Denver, and the state would still have plenty of space.

Now as I have mentioned before, I did some research before coming and trying figure out the lay of the land. But a simple google search of Qatar will produce these images. If you head over to Pinterest you may end of with pictures similar to the one below. I am wondering which clear day of the year this picture was taken.

The really funny thing about all of this is I keep looking for some mountains to hike when it is not 120 degrees. All I see is dirt, haze, and construction. The construction is primarily due to the World Cup 2022. They are really pulling out all the stops to make this epic. What a time to be in Qatar!

*I do not own these images

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