Margaret the Hair Goddess

I love to pamper myself, especially since I work really hard. One of the first things I started researching back in March was a hair salon. I’ve been completely spoiled by my people at Rare Essence. This is where I transitioned from chemicals to natural hair in 2010. There are times that I have allowed others to do my hair, but it’s definitely one of those things I’m particular about. So from 6,000 miles away I followed Embellie Salon & Natural Beauty Boutique on Facebook and Instagram. Checking out pictures of their stylists and clients. From all accounts things seemed in line with my usual services and the prices were comparable to home. Before I left, I did a protective styling with two strand twists so that I really wouldn’t have to be concerned with my hair until I was settled in my life a little. I went online and made an appointment for Saturday. I selected Margaret to do my hair.

I was greeted when I entered the shop and given a cold washcloth. The attendant gave me a new client form to complete so they could get to know me. Margaret invited me to her chair while the other lady prepared a glass of water with lemon for me. She asked a few questions and then Victoria came over to shape up my shaved side and a gave me a nice tapered edge. Margaret prepared to shampoo my hair. I went ahead and told her I was not tender headed. That’s like the password to go in on my scalp. She did an excellent job and put me into a small coma. That’s an indication of a good shampoo. By the way, Margaret is a beautiful Kenyan women, with flawless skin and should be modeling for an agency.

Next she prepared a hot oil treatment. Let me tell you about this. She took a small, flat brush starting at the back of my head and went through every part of my head with Shea oil. Never in my life has something felt this good on my head. It was like a warm coating. Then she massaged my head and into a coma I went again. I sat under the steamer for about 20 minutes to allow the treatment to settle in my scalp. The final touches included palm rolling my locs and then two strand twist as the style. Additionally, she interlocked some that had a lot of new growth.

I can only imagine what it is like dealing with a first time client. You have to create a relationship built on trust. There were some things that felt good about my new hair experience and some areas of growth for her as she continues to do my hair and understand what I expect. I’m willing to build a relationship with Margaret. She told me that my gray is beautiful and an indication of good hair. Whatever that means because I just feel old. In addition to that she said my scalp is glowing. Before long we will be gossiping and laughing; just like old times.

The one thing that I have been impressed with here is the level of service. My nail place was concerned about the health of my nails. Margaret giving me a Shea oil treatment because she wants my scalp to be clean. Where do these people learn customer service? I’m not sure that is something that can be taught. It must be inherent.

Oh and by the way…. Qatar Foundation has the hookup everywhere. I received 15% off my total. I don’t leave the house without my work identification.


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