Friday mornings at the Farmer’s Market

You probably can’t imagine my excitement when I saw the email that Torba Farmer’s Market was opening this weekend. Coming from Arizona, going to the outdoor market uptown or downtown and swinging by the dairy along with a car wash was my favorite Saturday morning activity. With the school week ending on Thursday, Saturday has become Friday along with Sunday becoming Friday as well. And well Saturday actually feels like Sunday with no church. I digress.

Anyway, I made my way over to Ceremonial Court, which is a beautiful area within Education City. Upon arriving it was filled with people and cute wooden booths. All types of vendors were present.

The first thing I tried was a lemon ginger shot which was pretty tasty. There was a place with with natural items such as lotion, soap and body scrubs. My next stop was a bakery with desserts. I decided to get a slice of lemon iced pound cake because it was calling my name. I grabbed a London Iced Latte from another place as I continued to wonder about.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers were readily available. Clothing boutiques and natural dog food businesses were present. But let’s go back to the pound cake. I sat down at a picnic table that was designed by a local project with excellent designs. I bit into the cake and it was so moist. To the point that I contemplated should I have another piece.

I took another loop around just to confirm that I didn’t miss anything. Im not a fan of dates, but they looked to good not to sample. Last week Adnaloy introduced me to Lotus ice cream. Think about the cookies you get on Delta airlines crushed into a creamy consistency like Nutella or Peanut Butter. Jesus. So anyway, the date I selected to sample was cut down the middle and filled with Lotus spread and crushed cookies on top. My God. I bought a box.

I kept going and found a place with salsa. I sampled both with some tasty chips. That also came home with me.

Overall, I was satisfied with the market. The selection was varied and something for all, even the kids. However, at 82 degrees on a fall morning I tapped out after an hour. I was soaking wet, like sweat rolling down my leg. Maybe a January visit will feel better.

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