Getaway Asheboro

Every time I hear the word getaway, I think about “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. If you don’t know by now, I really live for experiences. So as I was planning for the summer I was looking for something different. Tiny houses amuse me and I wouldn’t mind owning one some day. As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across a getaway house. The concept is tiny private houses located on campgrounds about and hour or so from major cities. You can find them in Atlanta, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, North Carolina and a few other states. Getaway Asheboro is located about 2 hours from Charlotte. Because I live close to the SC/NC border, this was perfect option. I booked for a Sunday-Monday and I can tell you that’s not enough time. It’s like getting a little taste and then boom… it’s over. Of course I started researching to see what else I could do in the area. The North Carolina Zoo is right around the corner with some great hiking. There are some breweries and wineries in the area as well.

In the days leading up to the getaway, I went shopping to pick up some essentials such as snacks, insect repellent, ingredients for S’mores and pre-made chicken kabobs to grill. Sunday morning I loaded up my car with the cooler, overnight bag and the best playlist possible. I took my time driving up I-85 through Charlotte, Salisbury and bypassing High Point. When I was in grad school I drove this interstate twice a week for a year going to classes at High Point University, so I am familiar with the area. However, when you turn off of the main road and head towards Asheboro, it’s like you are transported to a mountainous, lush green environment. I drove towards the zoo because I found a hiking trail that was short, but would give me a nice workout.

North Carolina roadway.

End of Purgatory Trail next to The North Carolina Zoo.

After my short hike, I decided to visit downtown Asheboro for craft beers at Four Saints Brewing Company and a calzone from the pizza shop next door. I tasted quite a few different beers along with the largest and best calzone I’ve had in years.

I finished up my lunch and I was off to find my tiny house. The directions are perfect to the camp site using Waze, but maybe I was going to fast and went by it. When you pull into the graveled driveway, there seems to be a large cabin. I suspect this is where the worker/owners spend there time. It’s very nice and quiet with lots of shade. There are more than 20 getaway houses on the property that range from one to two bedrooms as well as a lake. After a few minutes I located my housing named Loretta. Each getaway house is named after employees or family members.

Loretta at Getaway Asheboro.

Each getaway house is approximately 1400-2000 square feet. Outside the cabin you will find a picnic table and lawn chairs. This area is used to reconnect. To enter the cabin you input the code that was sent to you via text. While the cabin is small, the very large window looking into the forrest gives the illusion that the space is bigger. Listed below are the amenities:

  • AC and Heat
  • Cellphone Lockbox
  • Private bathroom with hot shower
  • Running water
  • Two burner stove
  • Pot and pans
  • Fire pit and Grill Grate

You can also find provisions for purchase such as logs, fire starters, tea and coffee. In the kitchen there are individual packets of olive oil, salt, pepper and plenty of utensils. So basically bring yourself, some of your favorite snacks/ food and enjoy your time.

My provisions.

Once I was able to get everything sorted I decided to try and start the fire. That was mess. It’s not something that I have done before, so it probably took more fire starters than needed. After I was able to get it going, I placed my marinated kabobs wrapped in aluminum foil over the fire. I let them cook for just over 30 minutes. Prior to leaving home I made a cucumber salad as my side. It turned out great! It was a light meal followed by burnt S’mores. I spent the rest of the evening by the fireside just relaxing. This is the type of place you come to think about life, adjust, heal, etc. You have neighbors, but it’s not intrusive.

After putting out my fire, I called it a night. All was calm and quiet in the getaway house and the surrounding area. The next morning I got up, turned on some feel good music and made myself some breakfast while soaking up the good energy and mountain air. I also made the effort to finish up my previous blog while there.

Before I knew it, it was time to load my car and return to normal life. It was quite sad leaving the getaway house. But, not before stopping by Pisgah Covered Bridge. It is a local and federal historic landmark due to it being one of the two historic covered bridges in the state of NC. There’s not really a lot to see, but it a nice place to see. So, I got out and did a little photoshoot. The really sad thing about this historic site, is it is covered in graffiti because it is not monitored.

This blog feels short and not as descriptive as my others. Maybe it’s because this adventure is was all about:

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