Pampering Day…Starts on the Wrong Foot (Literally).

So today I decided it was time to take care of my eyebrows, manicure and pedicure. It’s Eid and there are great specials going on around the city. A coworker shared with me that there is a salon in the Lulu Express, which is about 400m from my apartment. Additionally, I found Aysel Beauty Lounge which had pretty good reviews. She confirmed it was a nice place.

I get my life together and decide to walk over to Lulu Express. It’s only 107, I’ll survive. But after yesterday I learned a clothe should always be kept in your purse. The sweat is insane with the humidity. Before leaving I was paying for an outing for tomorrow (which might include camels and a “western beach”).

I get over to salon, lay back in chair and she does her thing to my eyebrows. I’m pleased. I get to counter to pay 20QR ($5.49 US) and yikes!!! My passport holder is not in my purse. I completely freak out. These people are going to think I’m trying to steal eyebrow services. I start explaining what happened, that I live across the street, I promise to come back, take my iPhone- just please don’t call the police. I walk back 400m to my apartment and there it is on the bed. This time I called an Uber. I wasn’t walking back. I walked in and payed and left 10QR tip. I’m so happy they trusted me to return.

I hail another Uber to get me over to Aysel Beauty Lounge. The ride was about 20 minutes and his air was ice cold. I walk in and I’m amazed at the decor and warm feeling. I didn’t have an appointment, but they still took me in and offered water. It was very cool and nice music playing in the background. Just what I needed. You do see a theme here…. It’s has to be cool and inside.

This place really hit the spot for me! Cha gave me a full manicure along with great conversation. What I loved the most was she told me that she was not putting gel on my nails because they needed a break. It’s not about out the money for them. It’s about healthy client nails and hair. Uhh yea, not a chance in the US. Pick yours colors and keep it moving. We selected “Sugar Daddy” for my nails. Does she know me? Lynn did my pedicure and told me white toes were played out. You need Marshmallow. Who knew? Now for 2 hours of pampering it was 120QR ($32 US) due to my 20% discount as an employee of Qatar Foundation.

Here is the kicker… I didn’t have my work ID with me. Cha said “I believe you.” Text it to me tonight.

Moral of the blog: I started off on the wrong foot by leaving my money behind. Also, good things come to good people. The threading place didn’t have to believe me and neither did Cha. But they did.

By the way….getting out of the Uber, I scrapped some of my Marshmallow off.

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