My teammate Richard reminded me that I needed to blog about cockroaches. #nasty

Working internationally typically means that your organization will provide housing on a compound or a stipend to secure housing. I currently reside at ECCH Lot 2, 191 67c 2A1-4. That is a mouthful and probably means nothing to you.

The accommodations actually remind me of apartments in Arizona and are beige in color. Each unit has four apartments downstairs and upstairs. They also have some lovely villas. There is a lobby in each building and the condition of the hallway is dependent on the occupants. My neighbors have plants, a kid sized four-wheeler and a pet carrier outside of their door. Seems as though you put these items in the apartment, but I digress. Also, I’ve never seen them.

So the newbies are sitting around talking about the condition of their accommodations. In comparison, either the previous occupant was a clean freak or they new I was arriving. They mention things such as old couches, broken shower heads, yucky stuff along the shower and so on. Then someone mentions killing 10 cockroaches. Do you understand the level of breakdown I might have if I had to kill cockroaches?

I’m happy with my apartment. It’s a 2bd / 2ba with a nice kitchen, living room/dining room combination, laundry room and storage room.

Here is a look at my home and neighborhood.

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