Messy Hair don’t Care…Well I Sort of Care.

So I think I’m over my dreads. I knew the day would come, I just didn’t know when. Back in 2008 when I decided to go natural it was driven by three reasons. One, I had just survived the worst trauma of my life. Two, during that time my hair was corn rolled and the person that took it down didn’t comb it out before putting water on it (tangled mess). And finally, it was a new start. It never crossed my mind that the chemicals were probably bad for your hair. I mean I lived for my roller set.

With my dreads I’ve had many phases. You know the ugly phase when you can’t wash and your waiting for them to actually lock and intertwine. Then all of sudden they begin to sprout, grow and you feel normal again. My hair grew really fast during this time. At one time they were below my bra strap. The issue with that is my hair has always been thick. So the longer they grew, the heavier they became.

About two years ago I started cutting my hair and I finally decided to shave the side this past summer. I knew that was the start of the end. So, here I sit contemplating cutting them off and starting fresh again. I have enough new growth to get some type of braids until I decide what I actually want to do with my hair. When I see Margaret today we will come up with a plan. On a side note I’m not interested in sitting in a chair for hours getting my hair braided.

What drives a new hair style for you? Anyone thinking about the big chop?

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