Fall Break is Giving me Life!

This is not going to be a long blog, just a starter. I’ve been out of the groove of writing because I’ve been working. I selected Madrid and Barcelona for Fall Break. I was looking for cool weather. I wanted to utilize my boots and leggings and that’s just what I got so far.

(View from room)

I left out of Doha this morning at 3:40 am. Leslie took me to the airport. It was nice to have him see me off this morning. All of Qatar Foundation was on this flight. Just when you thought you were getting away from work folks. I flew on Pegasus, which is the Spirit of international airlines. Well at least that’s what they say. It wasn’t that bad that I can’t fly them again. The ticket was cheap, but I paid to select my seat. I’ve decided I’m an aisle girl. I get to control who moves. I slept all the way to Istanbul with the help of Melatonin and then on to Madrid with one more. If you’re sleep people feel bad about asking you to get up. I was lucky to have a row to myself the first leg, the second was packed.

The traffic in Madrid is horrible. I could tell the Uber driver was slightly frustrated, but you knew where and how far I was going to hotel. Speaking of hotels, I booked JC Hotel via Booking.com. I had really good success with them them in all my travels this summer. The ratings were high, price was good for the area and the pictures sold me. The rooms are themed with no numbers. I am in the Colombia room. All things South America.

I settled my things in the room, freshened up and headed out for a drink and snack. I need to find a new scarf because evidently mine decided to remain in Turkey. This evening I’m headed on a pub crawl tour. Besides Hop on Hop off, they are my favorite. Drinks at the best places and plenty of sites with new people. Look out for my review later tonight or tomorrow.


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