Rain, Rain go away…I’m trying to see Athens on Christmas Day

I woke up this morning determined to accomplish three things:

1. Find a laundromat – I despise traveling with dirty clothes and it adds weight to your luggage.

2. Finish sightseeing the recommended places.

3. Eat lunch at Greco’s Project- I just couldn’t resist after seeing the steak at another table yesterday. Plus it’s Christmas; I’m treating myself.

I also woke up to a lot of rain. But I wasn’t boarding my flight tomorrow with dirty clothes. After checking Google I was able to find two laundromats that were possibly open. I grabbed a Beat to the first location. Sure enough it was closed. According to Google maps, the next place was in walking distance. I found it in about 5 minutes. Bingo! It was open! I went in and purchased detergent and washed two loads for €3.

(About Laundry in Athens)

Since I knew where I was, I walked back to the hotel. After dropping my items off I caught the subway to Syntagma Square. I had some funds leftover on my card from the tram. I read the map and it seemed like an easy ride. I also had the app Metro Map Lite. I could see there were only two stops. The subway was busy, but probably not as crowded on a work day. I successfully took the ride.

So guess what? It was about lunch time and I was close to Greco’s Project. I made my way over and ordered my taziki sauce and pita as well as the steak with fries and roasted vegetables. No complaints here.

I hopped aboard the bus to see Hadrian’s Arch, also referred to as the gate to city. In close proximity is Stiles Olimpiou Dios. Next I walked through the Zappeio Gardens which had many statues and is home to the old Parliament. It was raining a little,but I kept moving along.

(Hadrian’s Arch)

(Stiles Olimpiou Dios)

(Old Parliament)

(Statues in Zappeio Gardens)

The bus went by the Academy of Athens and Athens Library. I took the bus back to the hotel for a potty break. Even though I keep baby and Clorox wipes on me, I struggle with public restrooms.

(Academy of Athens)

I was still determined to see two more sites; Panathenaic Stadium and Lycabettus Hill. I took a Beat to the stadium since the hop on hop off had concluded for the evening. I need to share that there must be “beef” between traditional taxi drivers and those that work for Beat. As I am getting in the car a taxi driver starts cursing out my driver. I could tell that the taxi driver thought he just pulled up and picked me up in front of the line of taxis waiting for people. My driver shifted into park and jumped out with his iPad showing the Beat app open. They went at it for like a whole minute and then we drove off into the night. Back to the real story. The stadium was actually behind Zappeio Gardens and in walking distance, but I didn’t recognize that on the map earlier. As the sun was setting, temperature dropping I was able to see the stadium under the illuminated lights.

(Panathenaic Stadium)

Next I caught a Beat to Lycabettus Hill. My suggestion is you do this during the day. While the nighttime is beautiful and you can see Acropolis in the distance, I imagine the it would be better with light. After taking the cable car to the top, you can visit a small chapel and have communion or eat under the stars at one of the two restaurants.

(View from Lycabettus Hill)

Athens was good to me! The history, culture, architecture, food and hotel were excellent. Here I come Rome!

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