Conquering Rome

While reading about transportation options from Ciampino airport I noticed it was a little far out and taxis were running about €42. I was determined to figure out public transportation. But let me take a few steps back. There was no passport control. I can just roll up in your country like that? Maybe I will get my stamp on the way out. Did I accidentally leave airport without going through? I’ve diagnosed myself with adult ADD (I get off track easy). So for those of you headed to Rome (CIA), for €1.50 you can catch bus 520 to Cinecittà. From Cinecittà you will take the subway to Roma Termini for another €1.50. I just saved €39 that I can use elsewhere.

(Photo via Pinterest)

When I arrived at Termini I wanted to take a taxi to the hotel. The taxi driver told me to walk it. Wait, you don’t want my money? So I opened Google maps and within 3 minutes I was standing in front of The Hive Hotel.

I was a little early, but the receptionist allowed me to check in and he upgraded my room. I don’t know what my other room would have looked like, but baby, I would have to say this room is pretty sweet. There is a nice wide entrance with a bench on one side and the coat rack/luggage storage on the other. When you turn the corner the coffee maker and safe are mounted in the shelving unit. There is a spacious bathroom / shower/ vanity area with space for me to cut a split if I could or wanted to. After exiting the bathroom to your right is an open area with a desk and refrigerator. There is also a shelving unit. I guess I could put up pictures of people I love if I was here long enough. On the other side is the full sized bed and maybe 60″ TV mounted in the wall. Additionally, there are plenty of outlets.

After getting settled in my room, I decided to walk the neighborhood and find some pizza and beer. Enough said. Take a look at this pizza al formaggio and Italian beer.

I went back to my room the take my hair down from the twist and relax. I’m very excited for tonight. I found this app called Eatwith. Basically people who love to cook and host will have you in their home for a traditional meal with other guest. Several courses and wine is included. I will be having dinner with Fabio, Rocco and the other guests.

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